Warning Graphic Content : Citizen With Concealed Gun Permit Shoots Attacking Punk In Waffle House

Here’s another example of the benefits of a concealed permit, observed through security camera footage taken at a Waffle House.

YouTube commentator Tim Black does a great job in walking the viewer through the events, as they transpire in the video.

It begins with a trio of men, reportedly intoxicated, dining at the Waffle House. They are off-camera, but as the narrator explains, they are yelling and swearing at the two men at the counter. One of the two men at the counter was Jehrardd Williams, a legal conceal-carry permit holder. The other man was identified as Jorge Hernandez, who served as an eyewitness to what happened next.

According to reports, the group of drunk men were also directing racial slurs at Williams and Hernandez.

One of the drunk men, Dakota Fields, can be seen walking out of the establishment while one of his buddies remains behind, seemingly trying to smooth the differences over. He shakes hands with Hernandez, but when he tries to do the same to Williams, but Williams declines.

It is at this point that the man tries to sucker-punch Williams, and Williams reveals to the punks that he is a concealed carry-permit holder and that he is armed. He shows his Smith and Wesson to the two drunk men, and then puts it behind his back.

The third man, Dakota Fields, re-enters the restaurant, but by this time has somehow lost his shirt.

Fields charges at Hernandez, who pulls his gun back in front of him, while backing up, and fires three rounds into the torso of the attacking punk.

Fields and his two buddies then flee from the scene, but they are discovered after a short flight as they ended up crashing their SUV.

Dakota Fields was pronounced dead at the crash site. It was determined that he died of three gunshot wounds.

Getting back to the Waffle House, Hernandez had just opened fire on his attacker using his legal firearm that he had a permit to conceal and carry.

He then removes the magazine from the gun, and places both items on the counter.

Hernandez calmly calls 911 from his cell phone, informing them that he had just shot a man after being afraid for his life, and that he was located at the Waffle House. He also told the operator that he would be on the ground when the police arrived.

Hernandez then prostrated himself on the ground of the restaurant until the authorities arrived at the scene.

One of the best things about this video, aside from the fact that a legally armed citizen responsibly discharged his weapon in the act of protecting his life, is that Hernandez demonstrated the appropriate way to behave when interacting with the police.

Because he gave the 911 dispatcher a description to the officers of what they are about to be walking into, he may have alleviated some of the tension from the scene of the shooting. The police responded quickly, but calmly.

This video also demonstrates that anyone, of any race, that attacks someone unprovoked should be punished. And if they are shot by a law abiding citizen during their crime, the only person they have to blame is themselves.


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