62% Of Americans Want President Trump To Eliminate Welfare For Illegals – Do You Agree?

According to the polls, the American people are actually far more aligned with President Trump’s policies and ideologies than the leftist mainstream media likes to portray on television. As reported by Breitbart, in a new Rasmussen poll, 62 percent of likely voters said they support barring new immigrants to the US from receiving welfare benefits for at least five years, which is a policy that Trump mentioned in a recent speech.

Most likely to support the ban are middle-class Americans making $30,000 to $50,000, with 72 percent in favor. Even those who describe themselves as “moderates” support it at a rate of 61 percent.

This poll indicates that Americans don’t want just any immigration, but those that are capable and willing to work without receiving government handouts aka OUR tax dollars.
Questions about illegal immigration were also asked for the poll, and the results are definitive


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